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Providing Superior Audiological care with respect and empathy to each individual. We are the local experts on hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, and all things EAR.

The Gift of Hearing

For the 2nd year Leake Audiology is proud to be giving back to our community by providing somebody in the community with much needed hearing aides. Proper hearing aide solutions can be out of reach for many people, especially our elders. If you, or someone you know, might benefit from this great giveaway, click here to learn more and apply – for yourself or on behalf of someone else!

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About our Clinic

Your hearing deserves it.

Our clinic, conveniently located on Victoria Ave. in Regina, Saskatchewan, offers the full range of Audiology care services. We use cutting edge tools and methodologies to address all the major concerns you might face regarding your hearing health. Click below to learn more about our specific services.

Candace Leake uses cutting edge equipment to properly and accurately diagnosis your hearing issues

Come Experience the Leake Audiology Difference

Our clinic puts you, the patient, first and foremost in our planning and practice. Visit us to experience what that difference can feel like. Getting your hearing checked does NOT have to be a terrible experience. When each patient is treated with the patience and dignity they deserve, you can feel the difference in the air. Join us, and feel it for yourself.

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We’re passionate about Sound.

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Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. 

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When it comes to better hearing, everyone deserves an edge.

Our Audiologist and Founder

Candace Leake. Audiologist in Regina, Saskatchewan

Candace Leake, M.S., Audiologist(R)

Candace is a Saskatchewan born farm girl who got into the world of Audiology from a young age. Click below to learn all about her and her impressive qualifications and experience.